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edooby.ca invites you to pre register your store, it,s fast, easy and FREE. All we need is your edooby store name request, your username, your email and your business or webpage name (if you dont have a business or webpage, no worries, anyone can sell on edooby.ca). We will contact you a couple of days before we launch so you can set up your store. 

We will never bombard you with Spam, or give or sell any information you provide..... Honest, pinky swear

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edooby is free

edooby's Sales platform is completely free to list your stuff, open a store and get your personal URL name the only fee we will charge is an 8.5% commission, with discounts for Volume sellers and high ticket items and services. Why pay a percentage and $39 USD a month at Shopify or other competitors. Already on Shopify? Good, keep it up, edooby.ca enhances and increases your online presence


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With edooby's marketing and advertising team working 24/7 to bring thousands of  customers to your stores and products, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. edooby.ca works its SEO, so you don't have to. We keep the clients flowing in, sign up now to get your store name.

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But I already have a webpage?

Great!! edooby is not trying to replace your webpage, edooby is a perfect free addition to your online presence. name your edooby store the same as what you use now..... if your currently using www.Cbdfordog.ca then you can name your store edooby.ca/Cbdfordog . Use our SEO to help your name get out there

About edooby

What can I sell

edooby.ca is dedicated to marketing only legal Cannabis Related products and Services, Pipes, Bongs, creams, lotions, hemp products, clothing, jewelry,  photo's, artwork, Yoga, Coaching, Travel, investments.... Basically if its related to Cannabis, or has a pot leaf on it, you can sell it here


How does it work

You open your store or list your products, a customer see's your product, buys it and we notify you, you ship it and when the customer receives it... we subtract our  commission and send you the payment. Edooby will also be offering some unique plans for this unique industry. You only sell an affiliates products? that's fine, as long as the customer is happy

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