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Who and what is

Hi, My Name is Chris; I am the founder of As I am sure you have discovered by now, selling online is not a simple thing to do. Setting up your webpage is easy, getting a good spot on Google, a high SEO and bringing customers to your site is not easy, it’s almost impossible for a small business, with a small budget.

Next, if you want to sell across Canada, you will have to register your business in each Province. In Canada, you need to charge and remit taxes based on the purchasers Province.  That's a lot of work!!! helps ensure that you charge and remit the appropriate Taxes. 


"When You Grow, We Grow"

I come from the Entertainment industry with a great deal of marketing skills, I am the ‘Idea guy’. My co founders, My wife Amy who is a tech Marketing consultant and our Partner Igor, who is a well respected developer figured out a way to make online sales easier for the Cannabis accesory Industry, by starting an eGroupMarketing platform.

Have you heard of Amazon? Remember when they only sold books? Book Stores, Authors and publishers all rushed to list their books on the Amazon Platform…… And where did people go online to buy books? “Joe’s”? Nope, they all went to Amazon, because Amazon did the Marketing and advertising to make Amazon a household name synonymous with Books.

“Their Target Market Came to Them First”

Now, Amazon sells everything under the sun, and like eBay and other awesome platforms like it, when you search for “Bongs” over 30 000 products appear, and most have nothing to do with  Bongs…. I find this very overwhelming and annoying, I am sure this also annoys the customer whose trying to buy a bong for his mother’s Birthday. 

So, we started, and yes, we know, comparing us to giants like Amazon, eBay and others at this point seems a little over the top, but that's our goal! We have the People, the knowledge, the budget and the technology to make this platform a success! Do we expect to be in the Google number 1 spot today? No, of course not, we live in the real world. How about tomorrow? The next day? That’s the plan, but let’s give us a few months.

Our Development team

I am proud to announce that our Development Team have reached the final stages of developing the Marketplace Platform. The team will be spending the next month or so working on the finishing touches and testing. 

Preview edooby store pages here

Be sure to register your store well in advance of our Mid November Launch

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How can help you Grow

“We Support You, You Support Us, and We All Grow!”

In theory, as more stores and people list products for sale and they add links to, and We in turn Advertise and Market and your products. As a group, the power in numbers theory is at work towards gaining visibility. Have you ever noticed when you search for a product on Google, the first results that appear are almost always Amazon, eBay or something similar? That’s the power of popularity and a great deal of Marketing, and you should know a that large part of edooby’s budget is designated for getting our name out there and positioning edooby to be a dominating force in the online cannabis market

“How Does Work?”

So, this is how edooby works - You, a company or a person wants to sell stuff: 

1. You pre register your store

 – Pre registration is a good idea as the store/url names are given out on a first come/first serve basis.  Having YOUR own unique store name that matches YOUR business is important to the growth of YOUR company. 

2. You build YOUR Store (when WE launch)

 - Our platform uses an easy store building system to add your logo and product pictures to our templates. Be creative in your descriptions and art work, and have some fun.

3. People come to and search for products, they find what they like at your store and they order it.

4. holds the funds in escrow for 14 days, to give time for you to process and ship the order. 

5. collects and remits the different provincial sales taxes for you, allowing you easy access to sell in every province

"How does my store URL work?"

- Your store will have its own unique name and URL, example:

And, we encourage you to add YOUR unique store link to any promotions, emails, web pages to direct people to YOUR online store. 

What will my store look like? 

(preview a very basic sample of an store below)

"My Products and Businesss are in the USA, Can I sell on"

There are certain restrictions and other documentation required, but, YES you can, and we can remit the Canadian taxes, but you'll have to take care of your USA taxes

Preview Pages


- Sell across Canada, we take care of the different provincial taxes, so you don't have to set up all the legals stuff

-Easy store builder, with banners

-Exposure of a broader audience of customers across Canada and eventually the US and Globally.

-Next level customer support

-Options for Canada Post, self-shipping or set your own rate

-NO monthly subscription FEES!!!

For Brick & Mortar Stores

-Drive increased traffic to your location by letting customers know you have more items available in-store. 

-advertise an in-store promotion, by promoting one or a few 'Sale' items in banners at the top of your page.

Preview available here

What Shoppers can expect from

- When a shopper comes to, they will be able to pick from the most popular items, stores, or a full list of categories. Of course, they can also click on search at anytime to pull more precise results. Similar to Amazon, or ebay, the shopper can browse through the products and purchase from various stores.

Preview edooby pages here

What will my Store Look Like?

We have a few examples of how your store and other pages are set up. Please take a look.

Preview store here

Example of Categories

Bongs, Pipes & Accesories

cannabis bongs for sale in Vancouver,  who smokes blunts in Canada, buy pipes, roach clips, toke

edooby will feature a drop down menu where shoppers can select from item categories. Giving shoppers the option to shop by category or individual store.

- Bongs

- Pipes

- Custom 

- One of a Kind

- Rolling Papers

- Parts

- Utensils

preview free store

feeling CREATIVE

 free cannabis art, photo, free marijuana fun. buy and sell art and photograhy

edooby LOVES all things CREATIVE

- promote cannabis related Art Classes

- Sell one of a kind cannabis related art pieces




        and on... 

- License your artwork and photos

- Loan your artwork and photos

- Add to our free pics for credit

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Cannabis Art Clothing

buy and sell cannabis clothes,hemp clothing, marijuana leaf tshirt, pot leaf clothes

Anything that has cannabis related print or pattern can be sold here



T Shirts











420 meditation and yoga

420 yoga, cannabis and yoga, yoga and marijuana, cbd yoga, cannabis bikram yoga, coaching

- Yoga classes

- Meditation classes

- Anxiety Therapy Classes

- 420 Bikram 

- 420 Coaching

- 420 relaxing therapies

Grow Supplies

cannabis grow light, marijuana grow at home, grow your own weed Canada, 
pot grow systems, growing

- Grow Lights

- Grow systems

- Grow fertilizer/food

- Grow education

- Grow enclosures

- Growing services

Don't See Your Category? We will add it!

Business and Legals

cannabis business for sale, cannabis partnership wanted, start your own marijuana business in Canada

- Business education

- Business for sale

- Business partnership wanted

- Start your own business

- Cannabis law firms

- Business coaches

- Investments

- Consultants

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Travel and Adventure

weed friendly travel tours, sell 420 adventures,buy cannabis travel hot spots, cannabis and flying

- Cannabis Destinations

- Cannabis friendly travel

- Cannabis Travel Specialists

- Cannabis adventure packages

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Hemp Clothing

sell hemp clothing, buy hemp clothes, hemp shirts, sportwear, pants, hemp fashion, dresses





Hemp shirts

Hemp Sportswear

Hemp Pants

Hemp jackets

Hemp Dresses

Sports and Outdoors

420 sports, cannabis camping, pot leaf skateboards, marijuana sports, hemp camping, hemp outdoor

- Hemp camping gear

- Hemp Rope

- skateboards- W/ cannabis art

- Surfboards - W/ cannabis art

- Knives - W/ cannabis art

- Waterbottles - W/ cannabis art

Cannabis Events

sell and buy Cannabis event ticket, cannabis cup tickets, free cannabis events, free weed expo,

Are You having a Cannabis Event? Expo? Conference? You can SELL Your Tickets Here!!

If You Have a Free/Positive Cannabis Community Event coming up and We Think Its Cool, We will List it!

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